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Delivery of OOG equipment to Ruppur NPP, Bangladesh, has been successfully completed.

Barrus Logistics with cooperation of Barrus Projects successfully performed quite challenging delivery of over dimensional and heavy weight equipment of ASE (AtomStroyExport, part of RosAtom) for needs of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction.

Critical cargo dimensions and weight:

  1. 667066705810 mm, Weight: 146.975,00 kg;
  2. 530053001150 mm, Weight: 27.547,00 kg;
  3. 566056601910 mm, Weight: 40.740,00 kg;
  4. 566056601790 mm, Weight: 60.620,00 kg;
  5. 566056601790 mm, Weight: 60.620,00 kg;
  6. 590059001350 mm, Weight: 20.342,00 kg;
  7. 67206720940 mm, Weight: 2.500,00 kg;
  8. 502050201670 mm, Weight: 20.582,00 kg;
  9. 446044602450 mm, Weight: 11.762,00 kg;
  10. 538053803740 mm, Weight: 108.040,00 kg.

Maximum dimensions with axels: 23000x6670x6810 mm, g.w. 203.975 kg.

Equipment were exported from Russian Federation, with further shipment to the port of Mongla, Republic of Bangladesh.

At the port of Mongla, Barrus team performed direct transshipment from ocean going vessels onto 3 pontoons DB BANGLA BAZAR-2, DB BURHANUDDIN-1, DB TASSEN-2 for further river shipment to Rooppur NPP job site and RO-RO discharge.

Due to critical water level drop at Gang river during that period,discharge at Rooppur NPP job site temporary RO-RO jetty were not feasible and any adjustments/reconstruction were too expensive and time consuming for our Client.

After a detailed joint reviewwith ASE and BAEC Project office at Rooppur NPP of different possible mitigation steps offered by Barrus Projects team on that force majeure, most cost effective and safe solution was found and approved by Client.

Barrus team performed development and construction of temporary RO-RO Jetty 120 km away from Rooppur NPP, where river parameters (depth, stream, hydrology, geology etc.) allowed performing safe barges discharge.

During the transportation Barrus Projects team reinforced 5 bridges, dismantle and restore after passage 117 electrical, telephone and Internet lines, organize timely informing of local citizens which allowed to organize safety transportation as soon as possible without causing particular discomfort to the local population.

Pro-active approach of Barrus team and immediate reaction on that situation from side of ASE and BAECRooppur NPP Project team allowed resolving challenges and ensuring timely delivery of critical cargoes.

AtomStroyExport expressed its gratitude in writing to the Barrus team for the successful transportation of the Melt Localization Device for the construction of the Rooppur NPP Unit No. 2.