Barrus Logitstics


Due to the wide use of the inland waterway network in Russia & CIS countries, utilization of barges/sea-river vessels and related transshipment operations of ODC are common for our engineering team, yet require a precise approach to ensure timely and safe operations.

Our in-house engineering team performs various activities related to such works, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-stowage plans for different types of barges and sea-river vessels based on calculations of total load, allowable drafts and stability calculations.
  • Calculations of load distribution onto structures/deck and development of different distribution systems and/or reinforcement projects, when such are needed.
  • Lashing & securing projects and calculations for sea and sea-river passages of ODC on barges/sea-river vessels.
  • Development of towing plans with approval from the Russian Maritime Register and other related authorities.
  • Development of ballasting operations of different complexity levels. From roll-on/roll-off operations with manual ballasting to loading-in/loading-out procedures by skidding systems and strand jacks.