Barrus Logitstics

Engineering solutions

Ranging from the freezing Far North of Russia to the hot territories of the countries of South Africa, our engineering teamís years of experience in ODC deliveries all over the world allows to develop valuable know-how for the design of all types of tailored engineering solutions.


Considering the huge advantage of the inland waterway network of Russia and the CIS countries for delivery of OOG cargoes, our engineering team has performed dozens of sophisticated jetty designs, construction, reconstruction and further maintenance works.

We are capable of performing:

  • Preparatory field works, including geology, hydrology, ecology, trawling and other studies.
  • Developing roll-on/roll-off types of jetties with different concepts based on the projectís needs.
  • Reconstruction and modernization of existing jetties with poor bearing capacity, allowing our team to execute the discharge of super heavyweight cargoes using mobile and crawler cranes.
  • New jetty development of different types, including detailed design, construction and maintenance.


Delivery of ODC via public roads, especially in underdeveloped regions, requires significant preparatory works, which are performed by the Barrus Projects engineering team on a daily basis:

  • Detailed feasibility studies/survey works, including the determination of all existing limitations (turning radii, air drafts, bridges, overhead bypasses, dams) and other road infrastructure limitations.
  • Detailed route works, including geotechnical (GPR), geological, hydrological, ecological and other studies.
  • Engineering reviews of transport routes, allowing to identify critical points (weak bridge structures, sharp turns, high voltage cables etc.) and take necessary mitigation steps.
  • Development of special projects and method statements for turning radii extensions, bypass arrangements, bridge reinforcements and even temporary bridge structures.
  • Full turnkey solutions for the implementation of such works, including approval from related authorities followed by the execution of the actual works.