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The reality is that insurance exists for a reason things can go wrong, often due to unforeseen circumstances, which cannot be controlled. Therefore, you need proper insurance coverage to protect your cargo in transit.

Cargo insurance is intended for cargo to be transported by different transport means, enabling to indemnify losses in relation to damage or loss of cargo, whether a carrier is at fault or not.

Importance of cargo insurance

Your cargo will always be handled with the utmost care and attention, but risks associated with its transportation should always be accounted for. Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance is critical in protecting you and your business from loss or damage to cargo, errors and omissions, fines and penalties, and legal defence costs associated with services carried out by your company and/or your subcontractors.

BARRUS Insured risks: Deductible (EUR) each Accident Limit (EUR) each Accident
Cargo Liabilities 4.000 4.000.000
Errors & Omissions 4.000 400.000
Third Party Liabilities 4.000 1.000.000