Barrus Logitstics

Wind Power Station in Extreme North of Russia



  • Wind power equipment


  • Russian Federation, port of Vladivostok village of Tiksi, Sakha (Yakutia).

Volume of cargo:

  • 1267 m3, 223 T

Main oversize and heavy cargo:

  • Blades 1610x110x179 cm 1 000 kg 9 items
  • Tower (BL-1) 519x272x312 cm 12000 kg 3 items
  • Tower (BL-2) 881x249x272 cm 12000 kg 3 items
  • Tower (BL-3) 1047x249x272 cm 11000 kg - 3 items
  • Tower (BL-4) 978,9x249x272 cm 8000 kg - 3 items
  • Tower (BL-5) 588,3x177,2x177 cm 3000 kg - 3 items
  • Nacelle 573,6x265x295 cm 18000 kg - 3 items
  • Rotor 240x240x170 cm 4000 kg - 3 items

Scope of work:

  • Acceptance of all parts of wind turbines in the port of Vladivostok (production of the Japanese company Kamai), unloading of wind turbines and their customs clearance.
  • Road transportation of wind turbines on the Vladivostok-Yakutsk route, 18 units of equipment were involved, the delivery lasted 2.5 weeks.
  • Loading of wind turbines in the port of Yakutsk and delivery by river transport to the port of Tiksi. It was carried out by loading of all parts of the wind power plant as well as crane and automotive equipment in the port of Yakutsk for 2 bunker-type vessels.
  • Unloading at the port of Tiksi and delivery of wind turbines to the installation sites. All parts of the wind turbine, together with automotive and crane equipment, were unloaded in the port of Tiksi.
  • Construction and installation works of 3 wind turbines with a total power of 900 kW.