Barrus Logitstics

Ammonia Converter Delivery from Romania to Uzbekistan



  • Ammonia Converter, Auxiliary Boiler, various OOG equipment and general cargo.


  • Port of Constanta (Romania) via Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and via Rostov-on-Don (Russia) to Navoi construction site (Uzbekistan)

Volume of cargo:

  • 31 267 FT including 14 132 FT of Super Heavy and Oversized Cargoes

Main oversize and heavy cargo:

  • 25 pcs with weight from 100 MT up to 500 MT
  • Ammonia Converter weight 423 MT, Ø 5,0 m, length 27,8 m (The heaviest cargo in the history of transportation for Uzbekistan).
  • Auxiliary Boiler weight 240 MT, height 10,7 m, length 12,8 m, width 8,5 m.

Scope of work:

  • Route Survey,
  • Bridge Calculations and Structural Survey (103 bridges),
  • Civil Works for Infrastructure Improvement (Including 2 bridges),
  • River-Sea Transportation,
  • Inland Transportation (more than 1600 km),
  • all type of transport engineering.