Barrus Logitstics

Amur Gas Processing Plant 2



  • Depropanizer column,
  • Debutanizer column,
  • Flare ko drums,
  • Feed gas drying adsorber,
  • Mercury removal adsorber


  • Ports Zhangjigan and Tianjin, China pier of AGPP, Amur region, Russian Federation

Volume of cargo:

  • 15910 m3, 5759 mt

Main oversized and heavy cargo:

  • Depropanizer Column: 54,5m 6,52m 7,05m / 259 mt.
  • Debutanizer Column: 47,7m 5,07m 5,58m. / 135 mt.
  • Flare Ko Drums: 13,5m 5,0m 5,55m / 73 mt.
  • Feed Gas Drying Adsorber: 16,57m 6,5m 6,1m / 258 mt.
  • Mercury Removal Adsorber: 15,5m x 5,8m x 6,1m / 162 mt.

Scope of work:

  • Development and approval of the technological scheme and operational regulations for cargo transshipment.
  • Development and approval of the placement and securing of cargo schemes.
  • Unloading of cargo directly from a crane vessel onto barges, followed by placement and fastening of cargo on the barges.
  • All operations were carried out at the roadstead of the seaport of De-Castri.
  • Transportation of cargo by barge-towing trains from the seaport of De-Kastri to the temporary berth of the Amur GPP (Svobodny). Customs transit procedure for each barge.