Barrus Logitstics

Press Equipment Delivery from South Korea to Russia



  • Press


  • Incheon, South Korea Ruza, Russian Federation

Volume of cargo:

  • 174.31 mt

Main oversized and heavy cargo:

  • MC2-800 Press: 4,6m x 3,85m x 3,9m / 60,8mt
  • MC2-600 Press: 4,22m x 3,45m x 3,78m / 61.57mt
  • MC2-500 Press: 4,4m x 3,6m x 3,87m / 51,94mt

Scope of work:

  • Development of the delivery plan, freight of required transport, unloading and loading works in the seaport of Saint-Petersburg, followed by road delivery of the oversized cargo to the destination point via federal motorways, management of the whole delivery process, customs clearance.