Barrus Logitstics

Autoclave delivery to Amursk



  • Autoclave 50 x 6m / 1100t


  • COEK Engineering in Geel, Belgium - Port of Antwerp - Suez Canal - Port of De-Kastri - Tatar Strait - Amursk, Russia

Scope of work:

  • Stage 1 – shipment from COEK Engineering, delivery on a hold barge to the port of Antwerp, loading and securing onto a special vessel with ship cranes with a lifting capacity of 1000 tons each, transportation through the Suez Canal to the seaport of De-Kastri.
  • Stage 2 – reloading the autoclave on the roadstead of the De-Kastri port onto a specially equipped Ro-Ro barge, securing and further transportation to the designed and built Ro-Ro berth in Amursk.
  • Stage 3 – route preparation: construction of a unique temporary bank protection structure (RO-RO berth) and access road to it, widening of the turns' radii, repair of the road's surface, reconstruction of power lines and heating mains along the route; transportation of the autoclave using our own self-propelled modular transporters (28 double-width axle lines) to the site of the Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant, installation of the autoclave on foundation by synchronous actions of two hydraulic gantry systems SBL 1100.